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Dolly Parton Re-Records "9 to 5" for Super Bowl Ad

Dolly Parton has rewritten the lyrics to her classic hit '9 to 5' for a commercial about a side hustle in Squarespace's Super Bowl ad.


The country icon re-recorded her big hit as "5 to 9" for the new spot.

Parton herself makes an appearance in both ads, as the cover star of Five-Nine magazine.

The commercial, directed by Oscar winner Damien Chazelle (La La Land), with choreography by Tony winner Justin Beck, features a number of dancers from Broadway and Off Broadway hoofing to lines such as, "Working 5 to 9/ You've got passion and a vision/ Cuz it's hustlin' time/ A whole new way to make a livin'/ Gonna change your life/ Do something that gives it meaning."

Dolly shared that she's "been asked several times" to be part of the Super Bowl, but it's "always such a big commitment" so she's "always kind of chickened out. 

She added, "This seemed like the perfect kind of way to do it."




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