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You Never Know The Impact You Will Have

I recently met a young man whose mother came to the station to pick up a prize she won on 95.3 The Legend. He told me he was in 2nd grade and had been held back a year in school. His mother later told...

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Continuing Thoughts on PBS' 'Country Music'

Watching the 2nd episode of Country Music, the documentary from Ken Burns, gave a real sense of how “Hillbilly Music” took off in the 1930’s. Highlighted was the growing tensions in ...

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Ken Burns Documentary on PBS

My thoughts on the first installment of Country Music, the Ken Burns Documentary on PBS.   The foundation was set in this first installment of the eight part show. I am a history buff so en...

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Buddha's ancestry

Welcome to Buddha’s Blog.  A chance for me to share a few thoughts on a topic.  This Sunday would have been my maternal grandfather’s 119th birthday.  When he was 12 years o...

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